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"Daddy…what if the other members think I will be weak because I'm small," asked a young femme as she walked beside her father, holding his hand as they walked to the training arcade of Blanc Base. One soft pink optic shifted down to meet his daughter's same colored optics and stopped, picking her up and gave her a nuzzle to her helm, saying, "Easy baby girl. You haven't even met them yet so don't worry about it. And if they judge you by your size…well…show what the daughter of Commander Sazabi can do." Flashing an optic in a smile at her when she saw her perk up and giggled, Sazabi then sets the young femme down and resumes walking, "you don't have to be so nervous Nightingale Corona. You'll be fine if you're anything like me."

Night soon giggled again as she jumped a bit, no longer nervous but excited to go into training. Unlike her twin brother, Chronos Sazabi, Nightingale Corona was a born fighter to the very core of her being. Already at the age of seven has she managed to excel in her magic training with Zero along with practicing several forms of martial arts from her father, Chronos; her mother (otherwise known as Captain Gundam), and Bakunestumaru, proving to be an absolute prodigy in fighting while her brother was a prodigy in battle tactics and defense plans.

Sazabi, noticing how fast she was progressing than any mech or femme he has ever seen, decided that today was the day she would really be put to the test against those possibly around her age or older – even though he was slightly nervous that his little girl will get hurt in the process. As they arrived at the training arcade, they soon were met with several new GMs in training were getting ready for some sparing done today, Kao Lyn and Chief Heero – also known as Shute Maxworth – up in a viewing platform to observe the upcoming competition with all of them.

Little Nightingale slightly tensed at the sight of the other GMs, hiding behind her father a bit when she saw them practicing their moves, slightly thinking, 'They all look like good fighters…' "Ready Night," asked Sazabi until he looked down to see her hiding and kneeled down, giving another nuzzle to her, "C'mon Night, I know you'll do fine…tell you what, if you beat these guys, I'll do another spar with you, how does that sound?" Night's pink optics then flashed and looked towards her father, practically beaming at the thought as she excitedly jumped, getting out of her hiding spot, "Really!?" "Haha, yes really, now go squirt, it's your turn to show them what you're made of," chuckled Sazabi as he sent Night off to the other GMs. Once he was for certain that Night would be fine on her own, he soon joins up with Heero and Kao Lyn up on the balcony to view the whole event.

"To think Night's finally going to test out her skills, I'm sure she's going to wipe them out, metaphorically speaking of course, Woohoo~," cheered Kao Lyn as he did several karate punches and a back flip, eagerly waiting to see what Night is capable of. He has heard remarkable stories from both Baku and Zero and has been tinkering with a lot of her new weapons that she will soon acquire when she's old enough to use them, so to actually see her in action was making his senses tingle with excitement.

"I'm sure you'll get a remarkable response from her Chief Lyn, she's trained hard for this, I don't really expect her to lose to any of these GMs, "said Sazabi, confident in his daughter's training. The only thing that unsettled him was that her opponents might judge her because of her size. He himself was a runt back then within the Dark Axis fleet, always being pushed around and judged by his height, being left alone until he met Angel, a black smith, at the mines along with Cyan, a squadron leader – now a commander – after  Angel had died in a mining accident. He only hoped that Night wouldn't suffer the same thing he did and watched carefully as Night approached the GMs cautiously.

"U..Um…H..Hi, my name is Nightingale Corona, what are your names," asked Night kindly as she looked at the GMs with kind optics, hoping to at least make a friend here while in training. The only close friend she ever had besides her twin was Brass Battalion, the daughter of Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku. The two were such close friends that they're practically sisters, but it didn't hurt to try to make a new friend as Night had learned from her mother before she came here with her father. The GMs then looked at her and searched her over, taking note of her small stature. She was almost half their height and seemed pretty frail to be a fighter, very slender enough for the wind to just blow her away, and began to grin to themselves.

A GM then whispered to the eldest one of them, "Is she really going to fight us? Look at her, she's a pipsqueak!" "Heh, not even worth the challenge," muttered the eldest GM as he looked at Night from head to toe and smirked, answering her question, "The name's Gyan, squirt. And why the frell are you here? Shouldn't you be playing with dolls or something?" Night glowered at the response and tightened her fist, "Don't call me small!" "How can we not? You're half our height," taunted another GM as he looked down at her, easily towering over her as he flicked her head, "You can't be serious on fighting us."

Night's optics flashed dangerously and snarled, almost going to a battle stance but calm, regaining her composure in a similar fashion Sazabi would do, glaring but smirking underneath her battlemask, "All right, why don't you make the first move. We'll see if height matters." The GMs all laughed at her as they slowly began to surround her, smirking with dark glee as they went into battle stances, one speaking up, "You're going to regret this twerp." 'We'll see who regrets in the end,' thought Night as she just waited for the first mech to move. Patiently she just stood there as the mechs slowly moved around her, slowly beginning to anticipate their moves and flexed her hands slightly to release the sudden stiffness away before she finally saw one of them make his move.

'Showtime,' she thought and smirked under her battlemask, reacting fast and dodged the first GM's punch to the head by ducking down. "HUH," exclaimed the startled GM before he was suddenly kicked HARD in the abdomen, causing him to be lifted up just barely by the force before being slammed back down on the ground face first. The other GMs stared before they all went to attack her head on after the first one fell, obviously enraged, "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT YOU LITTLE TWERP!!!"

'Oh please,' thought Night as she rolled her optics and suddenly, before the GMs could even touch her, she blurred out of sight just when the punch or kick was about to be delivered. "Huh!? Where did she go," exclaimed one of the GMs as they all looked around, searching everywhere for the femme Gundam. "Oh my," uttered Kao Lyn as he also too searched around for Night, astounded by the speed let alone the brute strength that Night just demonstrated just now. Sazabi then scanned the area, taking note of her disappearance. He knew Night was incredibly fast…but not this fast.

'Unless she was holding back on me…hehehe, I taught her well,' he thought with a small smirk in his optic, already thinking of several spars he plans to have Night go through when her little spat with the GMs was over. In his soul drive though, he felt immense pride for Night. He always did no matter where his little girl went or what she did – even if most of the time it was pranking her uncles; Chronos's brother units. Like Chronos, little Nightingale was his newest form of light in his life. Never once would his day be drawl or boring if he had his daughter around, ready to play or to train at any given chance. But for now, he will just continue to watch her toy around the GMs just for the heck of it.

Back in the battlefield, the GMs were all searching around for her, glaring as they prepared a counterattack against the little femme. "What are the chances that she ran off," joked one as the other snorted, "She would. She's just a little coward anyways."

"Want to rethink that?"

"WHAT," the GMs exclaimed and turned to see Night in front of one GM and grabs him, tossing him into another right beside her before she had to dodge a punch from one GM that reacted quickly to her shout. Back flipping she drop kicked the GM into the ground with a sickening crash before back kicking one more into another.

'This is too easy,' thought the little femme as she disappeared from the GMs sight once more before attacking them and again. One by one, each GM began to pile up on one another, unmatched by her speed and skill. When the last GM was stacked on top of the heap pile, she merely sat on them as if they had created a throne for her, looking at her fingers as if she was inspecting she had broken a nail just to spite them, "…Think I'm weak now?" Her response came as numerous amounts of groans and moans, which only made her smile, "I thought so~."

Sazabi just couldn't help but laugh at the sight, especially at how Kao Lyn and Chief Heero were staring as well. Here was his little girl, fresh at the age of seven, beating GMs larger than her and more or likely older than her, as if they were nothing but insects. "Oh my…um…I guess that means I have to modify those new toys for her then," said Kao Lyn as he wiped his brow with a handkerchief, only causing the ex-commander to cackle even more. Night, hearing her father's laugh, looked up at him and smiled at him, feeling proud of herself. The commander couldn't help but smile back in return as he went down to meet up with her so they could really show them an actual spar.

Yes, he couldn't help but feel any more prouder than his little Nightingale.
My contest entry for :iconsd-gundam-club:

It was suppose to be a two chapter story but I wasn't able to finish the chapter so I got this instead DX

Basically Night's first time training with other people besides her family...and the overall result that came from it XD

Sazabi is a proud daddy indeed

Pair: Family!SazabixNight

Night/The name Chronos/Chron/story (c) :iconchaosphoniex:
Brass Battalion (c) :iconshockbox:
Characters mentioned in the story (c) Sunrise
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And yes, never judge by size X3
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wow i really enjoyed that it was cute and funny also love the family bond they have with each other.anyways well done on this one-shoot.
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